Enhance Spaces and Surfaces With Textured Concrete

Textured architectural concrete offers versatility and durability, making it among the top choices of homeowners and designers alike. Our professionals can help you create truly unique prints for a variety of applications, customizing gorgeous styles to meet your budget and design preferences.

Textured Architectural

Do You Need a Sealer?

With Sealer: Better Resistance

Textured concrete with one color and an application of sealer is actually just a step away from becoming stamped concrete. The differences are in the omission of a highlight or antique color as well as the affordability. Clients can choose their preferred surface textures and integral colors, with a sealer applied for better skid resistance.

No Sealer: Better for Your Budget

Get the practical and most economical upgrade from regular concrete. Opting for architectural textured concrete with one color and no sealer is a very popular choice for homeowners seeking maximum function and aesthetics. This service gives you the freedom to pick out your color and surface texture of choice, with no sealer applied.

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