Your Ideal Alternative to Costly Home Design Materials

At DeMac Concrete, we specialize in transforming homes using durable stamped concrete. Our team will work with you to enhance the beauty and functionality of your home, offering an assortment of timeless styles and finishes you’ll surely love.

Transforming Homes

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About Stamped Concrete

Strong, durable, and low-maintenance concrete is an excellent material that is pliable enough to imprint virtually any design. It is made simply by pouring concrete with just enough water to make the concrete malleable but not runny. We then stamp your preferred print onto the material, adding colors and textures before the concrete sets and dries.

Affordability, Versatility, and Style

Stamped concrete is an ideal way to add beauty to any feature in and around your home. It is preferred for its amazing capacity to freshen up your property’s interiors and exteriors without the steep cost. Worn concrete can also be fixed with quick and inexpensive resurfacing, resealing, and renewing processes.

Variety of Applications

Yards and Other Outdoor Environments

Concrete is an excellent material that can withstand harsh weather while maintaining its unique design. We recommend stamped concrete emulating the feel of stone, brick, and even wood for outdoor kitchens, living areas, and raised patios.

Firepits and Fireplaces

During the colder months and the holidays, it’s nice to gather around a fire with all your friends and family. Have our experts design a gorgeous fireplace that fits your style preferences, using concrete that looks exactly like stacked bricks, natural stones, terracotta, as well as Greek and Roman-themed designs.

Pool Decks

Transform your pool deck into a stunning and inviting space using decorative concrete. We can opt to emulate the look and feel of rustic brick, wood, tile, natural stone, and more.


Allow our experts to customize stylish stamped concrete for the pathways around your home. It is the perfect material for low-maintenance driveways, walkways, front entrances, and garden hardscapes.

Other Applications

When it comes to the applications of quality stamped concrete, the sky is truly the limit! Apart from the home features we’ve mentioned, we can also use concrete for anything including basements, garages, interior floorings, countertops, and more.

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Wide Color Selection

We work hard to make sure each client is always satisfied with their chosen design. That’s why we offer a wide assortment of fabulous hues and shades to match their styles and motifs.

Talk to Our Experts Today

For more information on our stamped concrete products and processes, simply give us a call or send us a message.

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