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Stamped Concrete – Durable Artistry and Beauty
At DeMac Concrete, we specialize in transforming your home through creative, artistic applications and design processes. While we offer textured concrete, we also pride ourselves on our ability to create stamped concrete applications that enhance the beauty, functionality and enjoyment of your home. Whether you want to create an outdoor kitchen area, build a new pool deck, hardscape your backyard, transform your basement or add the timeless beauty of stamped concrete to your living room, DeMac Concrete can help.
What Is Stamped Concrete?
Concrete is an amazing material. It’s strong and durable enough to last for decades with virtually no maintenance required. However, it’s also pliable and moldable enough when fresh that you can impart unique designs and characteristics to it. This is stamped concrete – the sheer number of possibilities is overwhelming.
At DeMac Concrete, we specialize in creating unique stamped concrete applications to fit your life and lifestyle. Our process begins with high quality concrete pours with just enough water to make the concrete plastic, but not runny. We then stamp your preferred design into the material before it sets completely. We can also add color and texture to your application, creating virtually any design or style you might want.
Want to build a backyard patio that looks like natural flagstone without the cost? Stamped concrete is the answer. Love the look and feel of brick, but not the price tag? We can create a brick patio, driveway, walkway or floor for you with stamped concrete that looks and feels just like brick.
Why Choose Stamped Concrete?
With the variety of building materials available to today’s homeowner, you might wonder why you should choose stamped concrete. It’s simple. Concrete’s inherent characteristics combined with unique artistic vision and flair imbue your application with life, durability and more.
Concrete is immensely durable, more so than most other building materials. It is also cost effective, far more so than natural stone or even brick. In addition, it requires virtually no maintenance, and even old concrete can be resurfaced, resealed and renewed for far less than you might expect. Finally, stamped concrete is an ideal way to add character, style and beauty to any application in your home or yard. DeMac Concrete brings your dreams to life.
Where Can Stamped Concrete Be Used?
You might only associate concrete with outdoor use, or with unfinished interior flooring, such as your basement or the slab foundation on which your home rests. However, at DeMac Concrete, we understand the truth – concrete can be used virtually anywhere, from the pool to outdoor walkways to patios to finished, luxurious interior flooring and even countertops.
One of the primary locations for stamped concrete use is in your home’s outdoor areas. This is due to concrete’s durability and ability to withstand exposure to the harsh elements while maintaining its beauty. DeMac Concrete can create a variety of outdoor applications using stamped, colored or textured concrete, including:
Fire Pits and Fireplaces – An outdoor fire pit or fireplace is a natural location for gathering with friends and family throughout the year, spring, summer, fall or winter. The warmth and comfort offered is a natural draw, and we can create your fire pit or fireplace in any type of design you might prefer, from traditional brick to stacked natural stone to terracotta and even Greek and Roman themed designs. Stamped concrete makes it all possible.
Raised Patios – A backyard isn’t a backyard without a patio. It provides firm footing, a place to sit, a home for outdoor gatherings, a base for your outdoor kitchen and can lead to your pool deck, to a walkway and more. DeMac Concrete can create raised patios out of stamped concrete that resemble virtually any material you might want, from stone to brick and even wood.
Pool Decks – Your pool deck doesn’t need to be plain concrete. We can transform it into a stunning area filled with style and beauty. DeMac Concrete takes great pride in our ability to transform plain concrete into brick, wood, pebbles, tile, natural stone and more.
Walkways, Pathways, Entrances and More – In addition to patios and other traditional areas, DeMac Concrete can offer customized stamped concrete applications in a host of other areas, including walkways and pathways around the home or through your garden or backyard, entranceways to your home, garage flooring and more.
Stamped concrete is an ideal building material, and it’s perfectly suited for use indoors as well as out. DeMac Concrete can create the interior of your dreams.
Home Flooring – Stamped concrete makes the perfect flooring solution for your home, and can be customized to take on any aesthetic you might want. Love the look of hardwood flooring but don’t want the cost or the upkeep? Stamped concrete can give you exactly what you want. Prefer tile, or flagstone? We can help.
Countertops – Granite and marble countertops are considered the pinnacle of luxury, but you don’t have to pay through the nose for that beauty. Stamped concrete can mimic the look of stone countertops, and provide you with even better durability and lower maintenance requirements.
Why Choose DeMac Concrete?
With more than four decades of experience, DeMac Concrete is your preferred provider of stamped, textured, colored or standard concrete. Our artisans create stunning outdoor and indoor applications using the highest quality concrete mix and unique stamps. Whether you want to transform your kitchen and living room with the look and feel of brick or natural wood flooring, or you want to create a tranquil outdoor oasis where the family can gather throughout the year, we can help.
We’re also proud to offer a broad range of other services, including decorative concrete furniture, decorative brick, exposed aggregate, sealing and resealing of concrete applications, acid staining, coloring, texturing, architectural concrete, glass aggregate concrete and more.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can transform your home, and make your dreams a reality.