Stamped Concrete Overlays

//Stamped Concrete Overlays

Stamped Concrete Overlays

Stamped Concrete Overlays:  A Perfect Solution to Rejuvenate Indoor Flooring Over time, indoor flooring can become worn, cracked, ugly or just plain outdated.  There are numerous choices available including stamped concrete overlays with regard to replacing or repairing indoor floors.

If floors are worn but still structurally sound, a stamped concrete overlay is an ideal solution for renovation.  Stamped concrete overlays applied over existing concrete or subflooring can refresh the appearance of flooring by duplicating the beauty as well as texture of virtually any natural material without entirely replacing the floor.

The unique composition and installation process of stamped overlays allow installation directly onto many types of existing flooring, which many people are not aware of when considering new flooring. It is a viable, innovative alternative to traditional flooring products. The budget conscious will be delighted with the cost savings and impressed with the enhanced effect.

An added feature of concrete overlays is extreme durability; the non-absorbent surface and low maintenance makes it extremely useful for high traffic areas.  Overlays are also ideal for creating customized, elegant finishes with a personal touch, unachievable with other materials.

Stamped concrete overlays are not only an affordable method to achieve vibrant and attractive decorative indoor flooring, but also extending the life of an existing structure. The cost of installing stamped concrete varies based on the complexity, patterns, colors, labor and materials involved when hiring contractors in your community. Best advice is shopping around, check references and see previous work of each contractor before you decide to start your project. This is not something one should consider doing themselves, a botched job could cost you dearly to fix, so use a professional for best results.

Before deciding to use stamped concrete overlays it is recommended that a professional be consulted to determine whether the existing concrete is suitable for this process.  Surface preparation includes cleaning and repairing cracks.   This is essential to ensure the indoor flooring has a superb finish and durability.

A stamped concrete surface overlay is an excellent solution to renovate your unsightly or damaged floor into an eye catching, appealing living space. The wide range of finishing options gives you the ability to match your current décor easily and create a space everyone will be talking about.

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