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Concrete CountertopsWhen we think of concrete, most conjure images of sidewalks, bridges, or buildings that we use each day. However, as our society turns toward greener materials, concrete is finding its way into areas far beyond its traditional uses. One of the areas where concrete has become a viable choice is in countertops and décor. With its incredible versatility, concrete is producing some of the most awe inspiring countertops and décor on the market today.

Handcrafted by artisans, each piece is individually made inviting artistic expression and creativity from both the client and the craftsman. It is this freedom that makes concrete different from any other material. We no longer adhere to traditional limitations when determining shape, color, and design of our countertops and décor. We are only limited by what we can’t imagine.

In addition to its versatility and beauty, concrete is also a “green” product. When using concrete in countertops, décor, flooring, etc. we are using recycled and locally mined materials, free of epoxies, resins and oil based products, producing a smaller “footprint” on planet earth. Increasingly, architects, engineers and interior designers are employing “green” products on their projects and are being recognized by the U.S. Green Building Council for sustainable living.

This blend of versatility, artistic expression, and ecology are the main drivers behind the growing popularity of concrete. We invite you to look through our galleries and see for yourself the beauty and elegance that concrete can offer.

We ask that you use this album as a starting point.  To gain a real sense of what can be achieved with concrete, please make an appointment with our countertop consultant.