The Advantage of Using Pervious Concrete in Sustainable Building

Saving the world from all sorts of destruction is the subject of every modern construction nowadays. There are different companies and manufacturers who are continuously doing their best in order to develop and offer products such as pervious concrete that can be helpful in preserving what remains in the nature. Every single action that you take in order to save Mother Nature counts!

Sustainable building is one of the trends in the world of construction. It is the newest building strategy that allows nature to be preserved and breathe. The green materials being used in the construction of buildings are nature friendly. When this strategy was born, the use of pervious concrete (porous concrete) that drains quickly was also introduced. Just like sustainable building, the creation of pervious concrete pavements can also be beneficial to the nature. Below, you will find the different advantages of the two methods given above.

Helps Conserve Water through Recycling

Pervious concrete made up of small particles, water, a little sand, and a cement paste that binds the particles together, rendering it permeable can help conserve water by recycling rain and wastewater. This type of concrete that can be used in creating pavements, pathways, roads and other structures allows water to run back to the soil. Recycling rainwater and greywater used by people every day will help return the natural cycle of water keeping things ‘green’ and mother nature happier! This also works with the use of sustainable building. The use of green building for pavements gives way for the rainwater to go directly to the soil, and as the soil absorbs water, preservation will begin to take place.

Helps Neutralize Heat

In a highly urbanized city, you will notice that the heat is sometimes unbearable. If you are going to compare it to places where there is little development, you will notice the difference in the temperature. The buildings and asphalt used in roads can explain this discrepancy in the temperature. If the government and builders used pervious concrete in creating pavements and some roads, the built up heat would be more neutralized. The materials used in building modern structures and roads are the ones that are contributing to the heat. If we were just responsible enough to eliminate these things from everyday constructions, it would be easier to live enjoying the best of nature.

Helps Eliminate Flooding

Aside from the heat and pollution, so much water caused by heavy rainfall can result in flooding. The roads become flooded when there are clogging in the drainage systems. If we were to use pervious concrete for roads instead of asphalts, it would be easier for the water to drain and become part of the soil again without the use of drainages and other streams for collection of large amounts of water.

Nature conservation starts when people finally learn to appreciate the importance of different products that are made to save the world from pollution and other factors that can kill nature. So, make an effort and commitment and help things change by using pervious concrete and go ‘green’ when building.


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